Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cocomo Poland: stories and who really owns it

Cocomo poster for prospective prostitutes
Have you heard of a nightclub bouncer killing a client in a Polish (Wrocław) nightclub for nothing?

The go-go club is called Cocomo, a franchise network owned by Jan Szybawski, the past co-owner of a "Symultanka" translation offices. The Cocomo network thrives on spiking their clients' drinks with rape drugs so that they lose consciousness and their wallets and credit cards are milked dry. Or on killing them outright, if they try to leave before being scammed.

Here are more articles about this gentleman and his businesses in Polish press:
From one of the article's comments:

[When I heard the name of the] Wroclaw Market Square, everything becomes clear.

This place has degenerated in the past few years, beyond the level which beggars belief. In the evening, go out in fear, because large groups of drunk rednecks wander from pub to pub, crying their heads out and cruising for bruising. Beatings occur several times each night. During the daytime, beggars and gypsies try to extort money from passers-by, while
bums at the municipal parkings extort money for "protection" of your car from "birds poops" . Sluts with pink umbrellas and other scammers literally stand every 30 meters and harass the males to use the brothels.

When you add to that the lack of any shops for middle class, convenience stores selling cheap vodka, we have a picture of misery and despair. For some strange reason none of my friends do not spend weekends on the market square, trying to get out of Wroclaw for those few days. The main direction is Prague.

Ladies in red
Congratulations to the Municipality and its departments. You really need to be Sherlock to predict that a bunch of gangsters will lead to this tragedy? In Gdansk Cocomo created a mafia taking over restaurants, while in Poznan they sold 60 champagnes to a client (I suggest the prosecutor drinks 60 bottles of water and see if it is possible) for 300 000 dollars, but no one nothing has been done (well, the prosecutor's office in Poznan is trying to do something.).  

Personally, I wish the owner of the joint should ride a bike after 2 beers. Then he would surely be arrested!

I concur in this description.

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